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    Couples Counseling

    Couples seek help for many reasons. The most common one I have seen is the pain of disconnect from each other.

    This tends to take time to get there and sometimes it’s the lack of premarital counseling that created the vacuum.

    If you are stuck in a negative relationship exchange with your spouse and you feel like you have done everything in your power but in vain and now you feel helpless and powerless, we can help you reconnect to each other and bring the unmet needs to the forefront.

    They say you experience three marriages in a lifetime, our hope and desire is that it will be with the same person.

    I will equip you with skills to repair and prevent further damage to your marriage than it has already gone through.

    But the most important thing to make your marriage work is to first of all evaluate and assess how you got here. I will be able to do this so that we do not waste valuable time but target focus areas to gain some relief.

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