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    True Heart Healing Training Course 202

    Build confidence in helping others with tough issues

    In counseling, we see recurring themes such as emotional abuse, early childhood trauma, addictions, and more. When we or other individuals struggle with these deeper issues, it can quickly become overwhelming. We feel unequipped. Our advanced heart-healing course:

    Gives you even more confidence in using the heart-healing tools you have learned so far

    Enables you to effectively help others with deeper, more complex issues

    Creates a sense of personal fulfillment knowing you have helped those you love

    Get your own healing AND be empowered to help heal others

    Our level 202 course is a 10-week deep dive into some of the most challenging issues we commonly face in our day-to-day lives. This course will prepare you to confidently help individuals dealing with negative core beliefs stemming from sexual issues, depression, neglect, etc.

    With our advanced heart healing training and the Lord’s help, you CAN get healing and help those lost in hopelessness. You will:

    -Continue to receive your own healing

    -Gain confidence with complex issues

    -Grow in your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

    -Effectively help others get unstuck

    -Build on your level 201 training

    -Bring healing to the hopeless