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    Elijah House Training Course 202

    Restoring Childhood Foundations

    We can depend upon the Lord to build basic trust in us, even when we have not acquired it as children. He is able to reach into our innermost being and fill us with His tender, enfolding love.

    In this lesson we will learn the stages of development we must go through as well as the tasks associated with them.

    Because these stages are both consequential and sub sequential to a healthy growth, healthy growth requires that as children we learn them in the proper order.

    Prenatal & Childhood Issues, Part One

    It is important to understand the truth about the physical and spiritual life God gives within the womb. This lesson presents both the scriptural base and modern research supporting the belief that God gives unborn children a personal spirit at conception. Through their spirit, and with the propensity to sin because of their sin nature, children may react wrongly in the womb to circumstances of the parents. These natural, but wrong reactions will affect them later in life. We also discuss abortion and offer help to bring healing to those living under its dark shadow.

    Prenatal & Childhood Issues, Part Two

    This lesson explores the conditions, symptoms and healing of several common in-utero experiences. In each of these cases, a child may react sinfully to the wounding, and then later in life reap the consequences of those reactions made in the womb. Special emphasis on the problems of adoption gives prayer ministers tools with which to help adoptive parents bring their adopted children to life.

    Identifications of Love

    We are designed both to give and receive love, and know in our spirits that love is necessary nourishment to our lives. But are we able to receive love in its infinite forms of expression offered us by God and others? Or do we identify and accept love only when it comes in a few select “packages”?


    Central to our healing is a willingness to be known by ourselves and others. God calls us to walk as children of the light. When we live in denial, we walk in darkness and untruth and we cannot fully receive God’s healing power.

    In this lesson we will learn how denial is a common and familiar response to wounding and sin. We will learn how some forms of denial can easily be dealt with while others are deeply rooted and will require much love, persistence and patience to breakdown. We will learn that denial is rooted in lies and secrecy and much more.

    Profile of the Abuser

    Those who minister to abusers need to respond with compassion and understanding, yet without excusing the sin. As prayer ministers, we need to be able to help abusers to deal with root issues without condemning them. This lesson brings insight and understanding through a typical life history and character of a sexual abuser, and teaches how to extend God’s healing love and grace while still holding abusers accountable for their actions

    Healing the Sexually Abused

    Those who’ve been sexually abused often live with a barrage of emotions that keep them in bondage to the wounds of the molestation. This lesson explores these feelings and common responses to this most damaging violation of our being. Factors such as trust, time, patience, understanding, and perseverance will be discussed in the healing process. Intercession is also an essential ingredient, while ministering the Lord’s healing grace and blessing on these so deeply wounded.

    Emotional Abuse

    Arbitrary, inconsistent, or abusive parental discipline can damage the emotional well-being and security of a child. They destroy the natural sense of justice that God imparts to our being. God’s Word provides us with healthy and appropriate forms of discipline necessary to raising children. These guidelines are looked at in this lesson

    Spiritual Slumber

    This lesson helps us understand the functions of our own personal or human spirit. If we are not awake in our spirit, we will not be able to function in various areas of life. We will learn what causes the spirit to slumber, how to identify the symptoms of a slumbering spirit; and how to distinguish between true conscience and remorse conscience.

    Our loving Lord has made provision; no one needs to remain asleep. Definite steps can be made to awaken slumbering spirits.

    Spiritual Captivity

    Captive spirit is a condition related to but more serious than that of slumbering spirit. Rather than simply being awakened to life, a captive or imprisoned spirit must be set free from the powers of darkness. In this lesson we explore the symptoms and discuss healing for the person whose spirit is captive.

    Generational Sin

    Scripture testifies to the sin of man passing from one generation to the next. In this lesson, we look at ways we are defiled through generational sin. Through prayer, we can help free families from their generational patterns of destruction.

    Healing the effects of occult involvement

    In this lesson we are going to learn how to cleanse our spiritual sensitivities and how we must learn to use the gifts of the Spirit appropriately.

    We will also learn about the effects the occult in our lives and how to bring healing to these areas.

    Sexual Addiction

    Those who minister to those who struggle with sexual addiction know how prevalent it is, even in the church. This lesson brings insight and understanding through a typical life history and character of those struggling with sexual addiction, and teaches how to extend God’s healing love


    Many Christians believe that depression is sinful in that it denies the hope and joy of the Lord in our lives. But depressed people are not at fault for their condition. They truly cannot help themselves. In this lesson, we learn what depression is and why depressed people need the help of others. This lesson explains the steps necessary to begin the healing process.

    Fractured heart and relationships

    In this lesson we are going to learn how to have healthy relationships. We will learn how to find our identity and how this helps us find our destiny. We will also learn how our fractured identities are expressed in relationships and how healing happens in this situations.

    Grieving Losses

    Any type of major loss invokes an intense emotional suffering called “grief.” This lesson discusses the stages of grief, those most susceptible to “stuffing” grief, helping children in their grieving process, and getting people “un-stuck” from their own mistakes in grieving.

    Spiritual Adultery

    When assented to and allowed to continue, spiritual adultery inevitably leads to physical adultery. This lesson outlines its roots and symptoms and gives guidelines as to what to do when spiritual adultery occurs in the prayer ministry relationship. Additional information is also given on the problem of empathetic defilement, a concern in any relationship

    Healing Common Sexual Experiences

    In this lesson, we discuss the common sexual experiences of childhood and adolescence, including potty training, genital play, pornography, and masturbation. Mishandled by parents and tabooed by society, common sexual experiences can often lead to shame in adulthood. Healing of adult sexual sin will often necessitate recognition and healing of these earlier roots.


    This lesson discusses the physical, emotional and spiritual conditions associated with burnout. We’ll explore its causes and possible prevention and specify what is needed to help bring healing. We also explore how burnout relates to conditions of depression and wounding.

    Cutting Free

    Discover the principles of leaving and cleaving in the context of spiritually and emotionally leaving our family of origin and/or former position in order to step into God’s call for our life. While we may know the direction and see the destination in the distance, we may feel tied down, with no freedom to pursue it.

    Care and Feeding of the Spirit

    Our spirits have three primary needs: worship, relationship, and affection. Lacking these life experiences, or being wounded in these areas, our spirit is unable to sustain us. This lesson shares many ways parents can nurture the spirits of children. But these are not for children only. Just as we are to care for the temple of our bodies, we are also to engage in disciplines that will strengthen our own spirits, enabling us to live life fully and to serve God.

    Resurrection Side of Healing

    In this lesson, we will look at why it is important to remember the resurrection side of prayer ministry and not just focus on the death side. Prayer ministry is the continual process of bring issues to death on the Cross, but also letting Christ bring to life areas in our lives.