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  • Forerunner Intensives

    Intensives are customized multi-day sessions designed for clients that have either individual or relationship challenges that need to be resolved in a quicker format than weekly or every other week therapy sessions can offer. For those who don’t have time and want to move faster than what regular sessions can offer.

    During these intensive, we dig deeper in order to meet the needs of an individual or couple. If you want to address issues in the past, understand your present, or remove the blocks you are experiencing as an individual or couple then this may be your option.

    This is an opportunity to take a deeper look within yourself and explore underlying wounding that creates patterns of conflict and defensiveness in your current situation or relationship Insights and realizations gained at a deeper level usually allow deeper healing. You will have clarity on where you are and where you want to go while working on obstacles that have previously held you back

    What to expect.

    You will make time during this time to unplug from other areas of your life so you can focus on yourself.


    These are in 2, 3, or 4-day blocks. The daily schedule breakdown is as follows:

    Morning session 9 am-12 pm

    Lunch 12 pm-1 pm

    Afternoon session 2 pm-5 pm


    The cost will vary by need. Please inquire for more details


    It can be done online and in person at the office.