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    Christian Counseling

    Faith and reality can feel apart. It’s hard to say it, but sometimes faith makes our struggles harder.

    Most people that identify as Christians want to live an abundant life, but find themselves stuck because they overly spiritualize their struggles.

    With our Christian counseling clients, we integrate traditional counseling methods with a faith-based framework.

    At Forerunner Counseling we look at things like anxiety, sin, depression etc. as more than just a spiritual problem since we are more than spiritual beings. We are emotional, physical and relational ones too.

    So, with Christian counseling we help clients integrate their faith with traditional counseling method in every area of their lives.

    Our sessions are not preachy and we don’t use Christian clichés. We don’t use God as a crutch.

    We are very sensitive to religious and spiritual abuse and create space to heal that trauma. So, we respect everyone’s spiritual journey and we don’t impose our beliefs on people.