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  • What to expect

    We expect and encourage you to obtain knowledge of the procedures, goals, and possible outcomes of counseling.

    Benefits of counseling…

    Counseling may be beneficial to some individuals yet at the same time may involve some risks. These risks may include the experience of intense and unwanted feelings, including sadness, anger, fear, guilt, or anxiety. It is important to remember that these feelings may be natural and normal and an important part of the process. Other risks may include: recalling unpleasant life events, facing unpleasant thoughts and beliefs, increased awareness of feelings, values, and experiences, alteration of an individual’s ability or desire to deal effectively and harmoniously with others in relationships. In counseling, sometimes major life decisions are made, and that may include: changes within yourself regarding you own sense of who you are, awareness of problems and changes in relationships, and decisions regarding your life goals. These decisions will be very legitimate as an outcome of the counseling experience of dealing with life issues

    What we do…..

    We will run your temperament test a tool that helps us in the process of resolving the issues that may be at hand and help us identify your needs and how they have been met or not, in addition to other tools we have.

    Termination of Services…

    When the time comes and you would prefer to discontinue the services. We ask that you please notify us in advance before your last appointment. We may also refer you other service providers that could benefit you better than us. Termination of counseling may also be needed to allow the client to get used to the changes that have been made during counseling.