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  • My Path To Purpose Course

    Unlocking your full potential to live with purpose isn’t easy. The coaching I offer helps you delve into your life by way of guided explorations of your sense of self to empower you to live a life filled with meaning and purpose and be your authentic self.

    This work is designed to provide education, self- discovery to build a strong sense of purpose.

    My coaching sessions are offered via zoom and in person.

    Here are some of the themes I coach

    • Define what your vision of meaningful life is
    • Identify crucial areas that have been ignored in effort to live a meaningful life.
    • Uncover your authentic self
    • Identify beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back
    • Identify what has been blocking you from living meaningfully
    • Find your voice
    • Find your purpose
    • Face your fears and challenge the comfort zone
    • Tap into your creative mind

    These sessions are centered around your desire to be intentional in living a purposeful life.

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