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    Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling

    Premarital couples tend to only see the good in a relationship and believe that their love will help them conquer the world. But this is not always true.

    If your relationship is ready for marriage and you want some guidance on how to move forward with your decision?

    Pre-marital counseling will prepare you for a great marriage and not just a great wedding. These are some of the areas we will help you to strengthen.

    • Communication is very foundational to a healthy relationship and we can equip you with skills to share your feelings with each other whereby you can be understanding.
    • Conflict resolution is part of any relationship and the inability to discuss and resolve differences can destroy relationships.
    • Financial management, money and sex have a tendency to corrupt relationships. I can help you prepare an agreeable budget and financial matters.
    • Partner style and habits can be challenging especially when you are considering marrying someone. You may not like some of the things you are learning about your partner and its causing you to question whether to move forward sometimes.
    • Sexuality and affection, in this area we can equip you to develop a safe place to talk about sexual issues and affection.
    • Leisure activities can be fun for a couple but how does a couple balance activities they do together and apart?
    • Family and friends maybe a problem cause or a support system for a relationship. Do you want to explore the details of this?
    • Relationship roles? Have you decided how you will share the roles and responsibilities of the relationship? Are you flexible or inflexible in sharing these roles?
    • Children and parenting can divide couples if they are not on the same page. Before you get married it is always wise to know if you agree and share the same parenting values.
    • Spiritual beliefs can be a very divisive but before you tie the know, you want to talk about your spiritual beliefs and values.

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