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    Testimonial #718 Apr 2018
    I have grown tremendously with confidence as a result of forerunner counseling. Yes, I do know that there is liberty in the Lord but having a clear understanding of what it means could be challenging, for me forerunner help me to gain this insightful journey. I have learned to understand who I am in the Lord and express my voice to be heard without feeling less about myself. It’s a tool I have received for a lifetime and I cherish every tool and perspective I have learned from Forerunner counseling sessions. I am so grateful and now more confident to approach relationships without assumptions.
    Hanna, New York, New York

    Perspective21 Feb 2018
    I appreciate the perspective Forerunner Counseling has given me. I had become stuck and was afraid to move forward in life and take risks. Damalie asked the right questions and helped me to gain perspective, courage, and boldness about making my own decisions and owning my story. I’ve experienced the real freedom that comes with knowing that I have permission to fully be who God made me to be.
    Hannah, NYC

    Testimonial #502 Aug 2017
    I’m so grateful to Forerunner Counseling for helping me learn to forgive, accept, and love. I was at a breaking point in my relationship with my fiance, daily challenges with my teenager, and an overall hopeless feeling. Every book and audio recommendation spoke to my heart and helped me find the road to healing. I’m grateful for the new relationship I have with my fiance and daughter. I now see myself and the world around me without the broken lens I was looking through before. I’m grateful for the healing I didn’t even realize I needed until Forerunner Counseling showed me what’s possible.
    Alexis, West Babylon NY

    Testimonial #301 Apr 2017
    Just when I thought my life had come to an end, with no vision or hope at all, I met with the people at Forerunner Counseling and my life started to have so much meaning. What I thought was a very tragic event in my life turned out to be a stepping stone for a new world that introduced me to healing, God, and deep-rooted issues that I didn’t even know existed”
    Effie, NYC

    Gone thru so much!! 01 Apr 2017
    “I had gone through so much as a child that I had a hard time trusting especially men. My family was going through so much and I didn’t know how I was to handle it all through Forerunner Counseling I have come to a place of enjoying healthy relationships, especially with my boyfriend and family members.”
    Jackie R, Orange NJ

    Testimonial #401 Apr 2017
    “I knew my life was not in a good place and I needed God but I didn’t know how to go from there, with the help of Forerunner Counseling, I was able to identify the problems and found help to deal with them.”
    Ronja, Wayne New Jersey

    Testimonial #402 May 2023

    What an incredible experience my husband and I have had with Damalie. We have seen Damalie since early 2019 and we both have been transformed through her guidance! The skills we have learned have helped us navigate so many challenges in our marriage and our bond has gotten stronger. I know that without her help, we would not be together today. We are so grateful to have her help through therapy and will continue to seek guidance when we find ourselves in a sticky spot. The guidance we get from Damalie is priceless!

    Jessica G, San Fransisco California

    Testimonial 403 May 2023

    Where do I start? Damalie is amazing. From her spiritual guidance (If you request it) to her down-to-earth demeanor, she is so well-rounded as a counselor. She allows you to express yourself and express your point of view all while still holding you accountable. Damalie pushes you to “DO THE WORK” and with her guidance and doing the work, the results are amazing. Damalie is truly God-sent.

    Malik R, Montclair, New Jersey

    Testimonial 404 January 2023

    Damalie is really intelligent, genuinely caring, and knows her stuff to help you well. She goes out of her way to make sure you are doing well mentally and emotionally. I saw her on Jan 7th, 2023 and I was able to address my issue immediately. I plan on seeing her more consistently. I highly recommend her

    Madel, Montclair , New Jersey

    Testimonial 405 November 2023

    I’ve been working with Damalie for about five years now and she has been an extremely influential person in my life. When we first started working together I was living wildly in my mid-twenties and had habits that were affecting my mental and physical well-being. As time progressed and I started to work through the homework I was given, I started to grow. Looking back I’m so grateful for the time she’s spent with me and the person I continue to become.

    Damalie has been with me through many ups and downs in my life and always seems to know exactly what I need. I highly recommend working with her if you are uncovering parts of you that are holding you back from the person you know you can be.

    Jessica M, New York, NY

    I have experienced a significant amount of growth going to counseling sessions. It has been one of the hardest experiences: letting go of pain, doubt, and self-sabotaging but one of the most rewarding.

    Learning to forgive. identify things, and not allow them to take root in my heart. Is not only receiving counseling but learning skills on how to face obstacles in everyday life. I never knew how many layers are left after a traumatic experience, she ripples left in one soul until you seat and deal with the aftermath. The process is not easy but you never feel alone or judged. Instead, you are spoken to with the truth of God’s word and at a pace that you can take for your journey.

    I would highly recommend anyone to invest in themselves and book a session. There is freedom in healing and personal growth in being able to move forward.

    Johanna. G Elizabeth, New Jersey