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  • Body-Positive Weight Management

    Body positivity is a movement started by the idea that all human beings, regardless of their size, should feel good about themselves. Body positive advocates encourage others to celebrate their bodies and accept themselves the way they are, instead of trying to squeeze themselves into a physical mold that society has deemed “attractive.”


    But is it possible to be body positive and still manage your weight? The two concepts appear, at first glance, to be contradictory.


    I am of the belief, and I share this belief with many others, that it is completely possible to have a body-positive mindset and still be cognizant of your weight. The key is understanding the impetus behind your desire to manage your weight.


    Healthy Reasoning Behind Weight Loss and Management


    Do you want to lose weight so that you look like a fashion model – a body that has been deemed “attractive” by society? Or are you wishing to lose weight because, if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t feel great? You don’t have a lot of energy, your joints ache, and your hormones are out of balance, causing a variety of unpleasant symptoms.


    It is great to love yourself however you look. But it is equally important to ensure that you are as healthy as you possibly can be. At a certain point, excess weight can and often does cause health issues.


    When it comes to being body positive and managing weight, there is one major rule of thumb I recommend you follow:


    Focus on Health


    It’s a good idea to focus your energy on healthy behaviors. Mental health and physical health are both important to our overall well-being. So love yourself fully by making choices that are healthy for you.


    Try eating intuitively and mindfully. Make sure to get enough sleep. Go for walks with friends. Make choices that make you feel good. When you do this, you will love yourself, truly and totally.




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