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  • How To Cope With Gaslighting

    Gaslighting refers to someone causing you to question things you know to be true, leading to distress, self-doubt, and confusion. A form of emotional abuse, this manipulative technique can happen in any type of relationship. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are being gaslit. Typically, the gaslighter will make you feel like you did or said something wrong, or that you cannot trust yourself. If someone is gaslighting you, responding appropriately and setting firm boundaries may help you gain back some control. Here are some suggestions on how to cope. 

    1. Recognize it as gaslighting: The first step is to understand and identify gaslighting behaviors. Awareness of gaslighting tactics can help you discern when someone is trying to manipulate your perception of reality.    

    2. . Know how to recognize gaslighting. Common gaslighting phrases like you’re making things up, that never happened, you’re just too sensitive, you’re being dramatic, you’re blowing things out of proportion. 

    3. Take note of interactions: Documenting instances where you feel you’re being gaslighted can help provide clarity and validation for your feelings.

    4. Lean on your support network: Reaching out to trusted friends or family members can provide much-needed emotional support and a fresh perspective.

    5. Stand firm in your truth: Remember that your feelings and experiences are valid, even if someone else tries to convince you otherwise.

    6. Write things down: Keeping a record of what was said or done can aid in maintaining your perspective and counteract the gaslighter’s attempts to distort reality.

    7. Keep the conversation simple: Avoid getting drawn into arguing details with the gaslighter, as this can lead to more confusion and manipulation.

    8. Be willing to leave the situation: If the gaslighting continues and negatively impacts your mental health, it may be best to remove yourself from the situation.

    9. Separate truth from distortion: This involves critically evaluating what the gaslighter says and distinguishing between their manipulative statements and your reality.

    Gaslighting in a marriage can have serious effects on both the individuals involved as well as the relationship itself.

    If you or someone you know is experiencing gaslighting especially in a marriage, book a free consultation and I can provide the necessary tools and strategies to cope with this form of manipulation.

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